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Italian film buffs seeing double


The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Saturday, June 4, 2005
Toronto has two Italian neighbourhoods, Little Italy and Corso Italia, so why not two Italian film fests? Organizers of the rival events say it confuses moviegoers, that's why. But their efforts to clear things up by each claiming to be the original festival is just making the picture more unclear.

For seven years, there was only one event: the Toronto Italian Film Festival, run by development consultant Fred Lamberti, with filmmaker Frank Caruso, Italian Cultural Institute director Carlo Coen and legal adviser Nancy Parke-Taylor.

This year, Mr. Caruso went on his own, taking Mr. Coen and Ms. Parke-Taylor with him to launch the Toronto Festival of Italian Cinema, telling everyone that this is the original event.

"They're trying to act as if it's the same old, same old festival," Mr. Lamberti says. "They're trying to confuse the issue."

"I don't consider this a new festival," Mr. Caruso counters. "Basically in 1999 I got involved with the Toronto Italian Film Festival as co-founder and co-programmer and I stuck with it for years."

The split came over creative differences. Mr. Caruso wanted to promote the festival to the general public and not just to Italian Canadians, he says, but felt he couldn't do that in partnership with Mr. Lamberti.

His old partner kept the original festival name and kept it at its long-time home, the Bloor Cinema, where it opens on Wednesday.

Mr. Caruso, however, got the jump by launching his event last week with screenings at the Carlton Cinemas until tonight.

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